The Podcast from Firetop Mountain is A brand new Fighting Fantasy Podcast project! Two veteran Fighting Fantasy gamebook experts, Alison Cybe and Stuart Lloyd, head into the depths of Firetop Mountain to brave the depths of the classic fantasy series from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone!

Find us on Podbean to join us as we battle warlocks, necromancers, and turn to section 400 – we hope!

Episode 1: City of Thieves

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The prosperous town of Silverton is being held to ransom by Zanbar Bone and his bloodthirsty Moon Dogs. YOU are an adventurer, and the merchants of Silverton turn to you in their hour of need.

Episode 2: House of Hell

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The dangers of the torrential storm outside are nothing compared to the blood-curdling adventures that await you inside. Who knows how many hapless wanderers like yourself have perished within its gruesome walls? Be warned! Tonight is going to be a night to remember…

Episode 3: Space Assassin

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Looming above your home planet is the vast hulk of the starship Vandervecken. Aboard, the crazed scientist Cyrus is planning to unleash a gruesome experiment upon your world, which will destroy all life as it is known, leaving only hideous mutations in its wake. YOU are an assassin, and your mission is to stop him – before it is too late!

Episode 4: Daggers of Darkness

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Dark forces are massing in the wild and ancient land of Kazan. Unless you reach the Great Throne in time the murderous vizier Chingiz will take power. Who knows what evil will flow from Kazan if his vile schemes succeed.

Episode 5: Appointment with F.E.A.R.

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Using your superpowers, you protect the innocent citizens of teeming Titan City from the terrorism, violence, kidnapping and corruption of a host of super-villains. Your mission is to discover the location of the top-secret F.E.A.R. meeting, capture the Titanium Cyborg and his cohorts and bring them to justice.

Episode 6: The Crimson Tide

Civil war wracks the Isles of the Dawn. You are a young farmer, unaffected by the turmoil until chaos strikes. A roving band of mercenaries ransacks your village, killing your father and enslaving your mother. This injustice must be righted!

Episode 7

Coming Soon…