A selection of recent tabletop RPG books which Alison Cybe has developed, written or contributed to, all of which are available now. Have a look and enjoy!

Shield Maidens
Shield Maidens Training Guide
& Shield Maidens GM’s Guide

A brand new science-fiction roleplaying game, Shield Maidens is written by Alison Cybe to meld a cyberpunk world with Viking mythology. You will become one of the Shield Maidens, fighting the endless battle against Ragnarök and the end of the cosmos, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your sisters, to face the gods themselves. By merging technology and myth into a divinely-fuelled hardlight Guardian Shield, you will be the last hope of humanity. It is up to you and your sisters to decide the fate of the cosmos, and to turn the wheel of time yet again.

Contribution: Lead Development: World building with history and geography for 9 worlds. Ruleset creation including combat and powers. Character creation, gear/items. GM guide including how-to-play, expanded rules, safety mechanics, antagonist/adversaries, ruleset creation, character creation and gear/items.

Trinity Continuum: Aegis (coming soon)

Unannounced Projects for Star Trek Adventures (coming soon)

Justice for Neverwinter (coming soon)
Adventure #1 – Union Strike!

Justice for Neverwinter; a series of 5e-compatible adventures exploring topics of political justice and social progressiveness. Each episode in this campaign explores a new theme through the medium of tabletop gaming, empowering you with everything you need to challenge the corrupt status quo of the world of Neverwinter, while discussing subjects real and dear to us all. These adventures come with premade characters, safety mechanics, DMing advice and further reading material; everything you need for an evening of adventure!

Starfinder: Drift Hackers

In crumbling Alluvion, the goddess Triune’s city domain within the Drift, the heroes are thrust into the center of tensions between anxious factions at the heart of the Drift Crisis catastrophe! By agreeing to aid a desperate android priest of Casandalee, the heroes can start to help healing these divides.
Publisher: Paizo
Setting: Starfinder
Contribution: Player Content

Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game: Episode 1.11

The eleventh episode of a 13 episode season. Purchasing this item gets you a 26 page PDF and access to create Episode Runs as part of the Living RPG Series: “Phoenix Site”While on a standard off-world mission, your team receives word that Wepwawet’s forces are rapidly approaching Phoenix Site! With only a limited amount of time, it’s up to your team to secure the base. But you can’t do it alone; you’re going to need all the help that you can get – and it’s no easy task to bring your allies together to stand united against your foe!

Masks of the Mythos

The ancient powers never fully went away. They wander our roads and cities, mingling with the teeming masses of humanity. Characters in Scion Second Edition begin as humans touched by fate, heirs to great powers and incredible destinies. In the core setting for Scion, characters discover they are the children of Gods, inheriting mantles, accomplishing great deeds, and deciding their own destinies. It’s a game about divinity and humanity, and everything in between.

The Thing in Tunnel 12

A Call of Cthulhu adventure set during Britain’s mining strike. The atmosphere in the small working-class village of Cabbot’s Tor could be cut with a knife. A growing dispute between the corporate owners of a coal mine and the worker’s union threatens to spill out into escalating violence. Then a body is found. Torn apart. Murdered? Or… eatenThe Thing in Tunnel 12 is a Call of Cthulhu adventure by award-nominated horror author Alison Cybe written for 7th Edition, suitable for between 4 and 6 players and averages at four hours of play-time.

Starfinder: Drift Crisis

The hyperspace plane known as the Drift has gone haywire in a galaxy-spanning disaster that will change the Starfinder setting forever! How will your adventures during the Drift Crisis shape the future of the galaxy?
Publisher: Paizo
Setting: Starfinder
Contribution: Player Content


The super sentai LGBTQ-themed tabletop roleplaying game! Fight intolerance with rainbow powers, empathy, and fierce battle stances! Based on the City of Mist tabletop RPG and the amazing manga by ISA.
Publisher: Son of Oak Games
Setting: Queerz!
Contribution: Player Content


Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Queerfinder Society’s travel magazine, a guide to Golarion from queer creators and allies focused on queer characters and stories!
Publisher: Pathfinder Infinite
Setting: Pathfinder
Contribution: GM Content

Era: the Consortium – Belaphrom

A Resistance has formed to fight back against the companies. The war between the two factions rages across the three solar systems, each struggling to control what they can. You have a universe of choices: fight with a faction or choose your own path.
Publisher: Shades of Vengeance
Setting: Era: the Consortium
Contribution: Adventure Creation

Heckin’ Good Doggos

Heckin’ Good Doggos is a family friendly, all ages role-playing game where the players take on the roles of humankind’s best friends: The dog!
Publisher: Wet Ink Games
Setting: Heckin’ Good Doggos
Contribution: GM Options, World Building

Starfinder Society Scenario #4-03: Combatant’s Concerto: Fugue of the Traitor

When pahtra pop star and rebel leader Miiyu contacts the Starfinder Society for help securing a base of operations for the Pulonis Liberation Front in the war-ravaged wastelands of Vesk-6, a team of Starfinders is dispatched under cover of researching the dangerous storm known as the Shriek. But when the Starfinders meet up with Miiyu, they discovers there’s more to this mission than meets the eye!

Star Trek Adventures: Discovery Campaign Guide

The Star Trek: Discovery (2256-2258) Campaign Guide presents an all-new time period for telling dramatic Star Trek Adventures stories based on the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. Engage in desperate battles, investigate scientific wonders and strange alien constructs, participate in post-war recovery, and join the search for the mysterious Red Angel.

Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes is a self-contained pen and paper fantasy roleplaying game. Play survivors seeking to protect and rebuild their communities in a world of deep magic shattered in war with a terrible evil. The war has been won, the Nameless Emperor defeated, his legions scattered or destroyed, but the cost was almost the ruin of civilisation.

They Came from [CLASSIFIED]

They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! features heroes ranging from talented adventurers and agency quartermasters, to dashing spies and sexy provocateurs, embracing all the excitement, gadgets, and mayhem of the spy movies and detective TV shows prevalent from the 1960s onward. Whether you’re a Moore-era Bond fan, an aficionado of John Steed and Emma Peel’s adventures, or an Austin Powers-esque swinging cat, [CLASSIFIED]! has everything you need for a groovy, espionage-filled story.

Trinity Continuum: Aether

Trinity Continuum: Aether is a game of steampunk adventure, exploration, and mystery set in 1895 in the Trinity Continuum. In the decade prior, Nikola Tesla identified and learned to harness Aether, an energy source capable of spinning new realities or unwinding the effect to restore reality. Now, Aether users dot the globe, silently spinning and unwinding with ease while society goes about unaware of the dangerous experiments taking place in underground laboratories, dark alleys, and foreign worlds.

Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game: Episode 1.10

While on a standard off-world mission, your team receives word that Wepwawet’s forces are rapidly approaching Phoenix Site! With only a limited amount of time, it’s up to your team to secure the base. But you can’t do it alone; you’re going to need all the help that you can get – and it’s no easy task to bring your allies together to stand united against your foe!

Starfinder Society Scenario #4-02: Settling Accounts

A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st- through 4th-level characters. Starfinders explore a previously uncharted planet in the Vast while searching for a missing socialite. Written by: Alison CybePublisher: Paizo
Setting: Starfinder
Contribution: Adventure Creation

The Sigma Syndrome

The Sigma Syndrome is a gritty roleplaying game of psychological horror set in a neon soaked version of the 1980s. Psychic powers are real and government agencies across the globe have been trying to harness it for decades. In the Sigma Syndrome you play one of these strange Sigma. In time they will either master their powers or Fractures will build upon their soul and the Sigma will eventually succumb to the ravages of the psychic wounds that twist their body and mind.

Starfinder Species Reforged

The Starfinder Roleplaying Game imagines a future brimming with life and culture, where fantasy folk mingle with technologically advanced aliens in everyday settings. Now for the first time ever, Everybody Games is looking to make the people of Starfinder as diverse as the worlds they inhabit via the addition of a new species mechanic, first introduced in Star Log.Deluxe: Core Species Reforged.

Moonlight on Roseville Beach

Head west on Rose Island, and you get to the pricey summertime communities like Saltwinne, Destiny Bay, or Dunewood. Head east, and you’ll find exclusive resort towns like Pinewood Harbor, Charmington, and Sunken Oak. But those city kids and artists looking to get away for a long weekend, they’re heading right out to the middle of the island for that old gaycation getaway: Roseville Beach.

Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game: Episode 1.08

With Goa’uld scouts combing through the galaxy in the hopes of locating the Phoenix Site, tensions are growing. There may be a narrow chance to gain an upper hand, as reports reach SGP of a downed Asgard vessel. There is a chance that the heroes may be able to recover this ship – but it won’t be easy, as Goa’uld forces are moving in.

Stinky Orphans: A Call of Cthulhu Christmas Special

A Call of Cthulhu adventure of the holiday season. It is a special and magical time of the year – but you wouldn’t know it! As a group of down-on-their-luck orphans, you live together in a rickety old house under the cruel mentorship of Mother Grotswine. But this holiday season, everything changes as you are thrust into an adventure that will take you far from this bleak home on a mission to rescue Santa Claus himself! Can you save Christmas?

Apocalyptic Record

In The Apocalyptic Record, young and old Garou alike deliver tales of great, humble, disastrous, and glorious deeds. They run the gamut from tales of war and the Wyrm, to stories of the Umbra, Kinfolk, and tribes lost.

Heroes in a World of Horror!

Heroes in a World of Horror! is a sourcebook for Players and Directors about to embark upon a story of They Came from Beyond the Grave!, providing you with new playable Archetypes and a diverse selection of characters you can play straight from the book for the 1970s era and the 19th century era of the game! They Came from Beyond the Grave! uses the Storypath System, which you can find in the pages of the They Came from Beyond the Grave! rulebook.

Squeaks in the Deep

Rats and mice live in the margins of the empires of dogs and cats, with homes that connect to the Underneath — a vast collection of warrens, tunnels, caves, and other hidden places. It is a dangerous place full of unexplained phenomena and terrifying creatures. But it is also full of wonders of ages past and the thrill of discovery. For the rodents believe Man was part of something called Science, a way to learn power through study, observation, and experimentation.

Scion: Tales of Heroes

You are the child of a God, born to the magic of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow. You live in a World of myth, where every ancient story is true. Your ancient enemies, the Titans, stir in their prison beneath the lands of the dead. Their spawn issues forth from lands of myth, and the specter of war falls across the heavens. In this age of turmoil, you seize your birthrights and feel the call of your blood. Find your destiny. Live the myth. Embrace your Fate.

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game

How will you re-shape the world? Will you join with a plucky band of survivors to fight off all-comers and carve out your own settlement? Will you team up with pre-existing factions like the Brotherhood of Steel or Super Mutants to enforce your own ideals on the Wasteland? Ghoul or robot, paladin or raider, it’s your choice – and the consequences are yours. Welcome to the Wasteland. Welcome to the world of Fallout.

Dishonored PDF Adventure #1: The Assassins Four

 This 15-page adventure by Alison Cybe has your group aiding the Bottle Street gang and involving themselves in an assassination plot, complicated by political and personal motivations. Can they prevent the schemes of one of Dunwall’s distinguished aristocrats, or will they too fall prey to the alure of the lofty offers that such a person can bestow? This adventure works standalone or can be used as part of an existing campaign and has a host of interesting NPCs that could become future enemies or allies for the party. 

ABYSS – The Tabletop RPG of Supernatural Action-Horror

You know things. You have a ken for the supernatural. You can contain it, control it… maybe you can even become something more than human.

Vampire: the Masquerade – Companion

Vampire: The Masquerade Companion is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition The Vampire: The Masquerade Companion book brings three highly-anticipated Vampire clans into V5, and gives Storytellers more tools to enhance their chronicles, including rules and specifications for playing mortals and ghouls, as well as suggestions for chronicle play style and player consent with these characters.

Starfinder Society Scenario #3-11: Into the Veskarium

The Veskarium, a stellar civilization of conquest founded by the vesk, has long been an enemy of the Pact Worlds. When the Swarm threat unexpectedly attacked both civilizations, the Pact Worlds and Veskarium formed and uneasy alliance to combat their mutual foe. Since then, the two empires have maintained semi-cordial relations, and the worlds of the Veskarium have seen a larger influx of visitors from the Pact Worlds.

Creatures from the Drift

Creatures from the Drift is a supplement for Starfinder players and GMs, introducing a vast array of new foes from the depths of the Drift. Ranging from Cybernetic Fae to Drift-warped animals, these beings are unlike anything seen in the Pact Worlds. But thankfully there are also new Feats, Themes and a plethora of Companion Pets to help you survive the mysterious entities from the Drift – including a whole new playable race!

The Case of the Shadow Traveller

The London Spiritualist Society is an austere and respected group which has been active for several decades, attracting many with an interest in the growing spiritualist movement of the Victorian era. Their main membership ranges from those with an interest in discovering the occult, to young socialites seeking a thrill. The Investigators start as either members or associates of the society.

Nine Shots – a Starfinder Story

Created for Starfinder fans by Starfinder fans, this twentieth issue of the ENnie Award-winning Wayfinder fanzine drifts through the Diaspora for our second Starfinder issue! This free fanzine includes dozens of articles, including original fiction, new aliens for the archives, NPCs, classes and options, starships, weapons, and a side trek adventure through the River Between — all for free!

Lock-in: Five in a Bunker

A Call of Cthulhu adventure of isolationist horror. Five strangers awaken in an underground bunker. They are sealed inside, with no memory of who each other might be or even their own names. In the corner of the cell, a body lies rotting, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Lock-in: Five in a Bunker is a Call of Cthulhu adventure by award-nominated horror author Alison Cybe written for 7th Edition, suitable for exactly 5 players and averages at four hours of play-time.

Cages of Light & Lenses

A Call of Cthulhu adventure of lost media. Employed by a wealthy collector of rare pieces of cinema, a group of investigators travel from New York across the globe in order to track down the only surviving copy of a previously lost film – a cinematic recording of “The King In Yellow”… Cages of Light & Lenses is a Call of Cthulhu adventure by award-nominated horror author Alison Cybe written for 7th Edition, suitable for between 4 and 6 players and averages at four hours of play-time.

The Book of Legends

Within the gilded churches and salient castles of Calabria… among the forbidden cities of August Zhongguo… and through the ancient lands of venerable Akoma… are the people both rich and poor, free and oppressed, mundane and mystical. Whether one’s pelt  be covered in fur, wool, feathers, leather, scales or skin, all have one thing in common: everyone has a story to tell.

Sovereigns of the Blue Rose

Aldis, the Kingdom of the Blue Rose, has been defined and uplifted over its history by the lives and actions of its Sovereigns. Each chosen by the Golden Hart, these Sovereigns have been vital in the shaping of the lands and culture of the Aldin people, and their stories are the stories of kingdom as a whole. Some were bright shining paragons, cultural heroes for the kingdom; others were troubled, given to madness or corruption, examples that Aldinfolk still use to teach about limits and weaknesses.