Alison “Cybera” Cybe is an award-nominated fantasy and horror author with multiple books and short story publications under their belt.

They work as a freelance writer for tabletop RPG publishers, where credits include fiction for Green Ronin, Onyx Path and Paizo, and adventures created for Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder, Star Trek Adventures and many more!

Recent work include the comedy fantasy novel “Realms of Valeron” by Dreamsphere Books, with contributions to other works including Phantasmagoria magazine, Soteira Press, HellBound Books, and the multi-award winning NoSleep Podcast, and “Black Rainbow” – a horror anthology with LGBTQIA themes written by LGBTQIA authors and allies.

They have a degree in Film & Media with a minor in sociology and media, they are non-binary and their pronouns are they/them and was born in Scotland. They currently live in England, and are co-manager of a large gaming club, and have written extensively on inclusion and positive representation within the gaming community in particular with relation to LGBTQ+ and transgender visibility in several gaming publications and blogs.

They are also the manager of the gaming website in which they write articles, editorials and reviews. Their interests include celtic mythology, transhumanism, garage kits and pet rats.

They operate on a sliding rate of pay and are open to offers, and can be contacted directly via this website for any questions or communications concerning this site, freelance writing queries including available rates, and invitations to GM an amazing game of Call of Cthulhu for your group.