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Call of Cthulhu Adventures

Cages of Light & Lenses
A Call of Cthulhu adventure of lost media. Employed by a wealthy collector of rare pieces of cinema, a group of investigators travel from New York across the globe in order to track down the only surviving copy of a previously lost film – a cinematic recording of “The King In Yellow”… They are not alone in seeking this elusive recording.

Lock-in: Five in a Bunker
A Call of Cthulhu adventure of isolationist horror. Five strangers awaken in an underground bunker. They are sealed inside, with no memory of who each other might be or even their own names. In the corner of the cell, a body lies rotting, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Something is hunting them all.

A Call of Cthulhu Christmas
It is a special and magical time of the year – but you wouldn’t know it! As a group of down-on-their-luck orphans, you live together in a rickety old house under the cruel mentorship of Mother Grotswine. But this holiday season, everything changes as you are thrust into an adventure that will take you far from this bleak home on a mission to rescue Santa Claus himself!

The Thing in Tunnel 12

Tensions are high in Cabbot’s Tor. A dispute between the management of a coal mining corporation and the unionized employees threatens to bring work to a standstill; and then a murder occurs. A group of investigators – YOU – are enlisted to find the truth. But it seems the true threat is the Thing which lurks… in tunnel 12.

Starfinder Compatible Material

Cybernetic Fae
The fay folk have evolved. Adapting to cybernetic bodies in order to survive the harshness of space, they prowl the cosmos seeking revenge on those they despise. Brutal pirates and savage pillagers, the Cybernetic Fae are a threat as old as time, now ready to be unleashed on your gaming table!

Hyperspace Animals
Maturing in the bizarre and unusual reealm of hyperspace, many animals have developed strange and peculiar capabilities beyond those of regular creatures. Only the hardiest (or perhaps the most foolish) attempt to train these wily, energetic, loveable and often dangerous Hyperspace Animals as companion pets!