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  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Seven

    Elsa: We may have got rid of Batman, but I have a very bad feeling about all of this! We need expert advice, Ferb, and there’s only one person we […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Six

    Batman: Guh, those guysh were jusht the worsht… Darth Santa: Hey friend, is that one of Ferb and Elsa’s wine glasses that you happen to be holding? Batman: Huh? Who […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Five

    Elsa: Look, Batman, we need to talk. You’ve been drinking a lot of wine… Batman: My parentsh are dead!! Elsa: Yes yes. But look, since you turned up yesterday, you’ve […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Four

    Ferb: Right, we’re back home, my bruises are healing nicely, let’s sit back and watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves… As the trio start to recline, the wall of their […]