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  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Twenty-three

    Elsa: It’s still chasing us!! Ferb: Oh god Elsa! It’s going to eat us!! Elsa: We’ve been running for hours. Nothing stops it! It knows no weakness! It will not […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Twenty-two

    Mega-Mario: Mario crush!! Ferb: What the hell is that? Superman: Stand back, my friends – I’ll handle this! Mega-Mario: Mario punch!! Superman: Urgh! Elsa: Oh my god, Mario’s just killed […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Twenty-one

    Darth Santa: It’s magnificent! Mega-Mario: It’s-a me, Mario! Cultist: My lord, it’s terrifying! Darth Santa: Now, Mega-Mario, eat that truck! Mega-Mario: Mario crush!! Darth Santa: Excellent. Now, go forth – […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Twenty

    Darth Santa: It is time! *Darth Santa raises Ferb’s goblet. Slow chanting rises, in rhythmic waves, as the cultists bow their heads. Steadily, Darth Santa pours a measure of Batman’s […]