Lego Advent Calendar

Each year, a new adventure begins. Join us every December when the doors to the Lego Advent Calendar are flung open! Who knows what lurks within? Join us every day from the 1st until Christmas Day for this special annual countdown!

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Our first story begins here. Meet Ferb, Elsa and Wolf! Run with them through the magical wonderland of Christmas down, evading Santa’s killer attack drones. Encounter the disembodied head of James Lipton. Tremble at the might of Santa’s faceless snowman. Learn the true meaning of Christmas among the gunfire and explosions. And ask yourself – who will survive this holiday season? Ho ho ho…


The next chapter in this wondrous Christmas tale continues! Reunite with Ferb, Elsa and Wolf as they do battle with crazed axe-wielding maniacs, sinister cultists, and rush against time to save Ferb’s soul from being possessed by the ghost of Santa! You won’t want to miss this year’s magical tale of Christmas love, togetherness and murder. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year… if you survive, that is…

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