Lego Advent Calendar – Day Thirteen

Ferb: Okay, so my gift is to go to a mister “Sue Pearman”, is that you?

Sue Pearman: Haha, yes it is, citizen. Thank you for your service.

Ferb: Okay. Just to be clear, you’re not really Superman, are you?

Sue: Of course not. Superheroes aren’t real.

Ferb: Okay, good. Because that Batman guy was a real jerk.

Sue: Well don’t worry. I’m definitely not Superman. But, eh, could I just check, there’s no kryptonite in that box, is there?

Ferb: I don’t think so.

Sue: Good, good. I’m not undercover or anything.

Ferb: I understand. Wink. Ahem… “Here is your parcel, Mr Sue Pearman.”

Sue: “Thank you, citizen. Now I must walk away from you, on my legs, without flight!”

Ferb: Your secret identity is safe with me.

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