Lego Advent Calendar – Day Seventeen

Snowman: Ferb… Ferb…

Ferb: Aaah! Elsa, I thought you told me there was nothing to worry about with your hair!

Elsa: Ferb, they’re not here about the hair. You fu-

Killatron 3000: Affirmative. The Santa has sent us to destroy you.

Wolf: Bring it, tin man!

Snowman: Hey, hey… he didn’t say to destroy them.

Killatron 3000: But destroying is all I am programmed to do.

Snowman: Look, Killatron, Santa was really clear about this. We’re to collect the two naughty children and their pet dog and bring them to the city.

Killatron 3000: Affirmative. Bring them to the city. In pieces.

Snowman: No, damn it.

Elsa: Hey, uh…

Killatron 3000: Purge burn kill

Snowman: Hey look, Ferb, can you just wait over there while we fix the robot?

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