Lego Advent Calendar – Day Seven

Elsa: We may have got rid of Batman, but I have a very bad feeling about all of this! We need expert advice, Ferb, and there’s only one person we can turn to for this!

Wolf: Me?

Elsa: No. Someone competent.

James Lipton: Greetings friends!

Ferb: James Lipton! Our old friend, it feels as if we haven’t seen you in two years!

James Lipton: Yeah, you left me out of your adventure last year. But I’m back, baby!

Ferb: How’s life as a sentient head kept alive by arcane alchemy and living atop a mechanical piledriver?

James Lipton: I’m all on the groove train, you hip cats. What do you need?

Elsa: James, it’s urgent. Can we borrow your helicopter? We need to spy on Batman.

James Lipton: Sure. Not like I need it any more.

Wolf: I’m so glad that our adventure is off to a sane, sensible start this year…

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