Lego Advent Calendar – Day Nineteen

Superman: Darth Santa…

Darth Santa: That’s my name, don’t wear it out!

Superman: You cannot win, Darth. We’ve taken our your robots and melted your snowmen!

Darth Santa: They’ll be back next year! Besides, I still have my loyal cultists – a horde of mind-controlled puppets who are willing to die for my commands!

Cultist: Uhh… I thought we were getting paid for this…

Superman: You’re under arrest, Santa.

Cop: Yeah, that’s right!

Darth Santa: Wait, you actually brought a police officer with you?

Cop: Yeah. You see, unlike Batman, Superman recognises that he does not have the innate right to act unilaterally as a law enforcement agent – despite what Zack Snyder may think. So I am here to serve you your arrest warrant.

Darth Santa: What?

Superman: Listen to the man, Darth, he is a police officer.

Cop: Right, so here we go. Darth Santa, we are arresting you under suspicion of raising undead spirits, trucking with homicidal axe-murderers, decapitating Batman, and general villainy. You have the right to…

Darth Santa: Sigh…. *hand-waves*

Cop: Glurk! *brain explodes*

Superman: God damn it! Everyone, retreat!!

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