Lego Advent Calendar – Day Four

Ferb: Right, we’re back home, my bruises are healing nicely, let’s sit back and watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves…

As the trio start to recline, the wall of their cozy home is shattered. Bricks fly as a heavily-armoured vehicle careens through the debris, raining chaos down around them. Ferb and Elsa dive to the ground for cover.

Elsa: What the ever-loving hell? B..Batman?

Batman: Raaaage!!

Ferb: Christmas is ruined!

Batman: All my Christmasses were ruined when my parents were murdered!!

Wolf: Shit, I left you two alone for one minute and you’ve invited HIM along? Don’t you know we’re meant to be self-isolating?

Ferb: Trust me Wolf, Batman wasn’t invited.

Batman: I am a billionaire who punched vulnerable people for sport!!

Elsa: I hate you all.

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