Stories & Fiction by Alison Cybe

Tales of dark fantasy, or horror and fear, or love and joy and despair.
Enjoy this collection of short fiction from the pen of Alison Cybe.

A murder most cold. A crime of passion. There are suspects to choose, but who is the accused? In “I, Suspect”, we look at what it takes to drive someone to murder – and challenge the reader to play a game to find the clues before they reach the end!
In the dawn ages of mankind, before the rise of the Neolithic era, a lake sits in the heat-haze of the veldt. The tribe of prehistoric creatures that will one day become humanity require the lake for its life-giving water. The lake’s inhabitants watch, coldly.
The man screamed into my face, a mass of rage and ferocity, and his words as sharp and as pointed as the blades erupting from his face, and I could only pull back in fear as he spat the words at me, damning me with every one – “Have you found the yellow sign?”
A smash hit story first unveiled at the Day of the Dead Halloween Festival. Hunts-the-shadows hates his human captors. He years to run with the feral ones and bring down bloody revenge on those that cage his feline brethren.
This tale, which enchanted audiences at England’s Valentine’s Day Massacre Festival, follows Angela and Carol as they discover that love and live is never easy in a dangerous world in which any step can cut deeply.