Short Story Contributions

A selection of recent books which Alison Cybe has contributed to, all of which are available now. Have a look and enjoy!


Featuring interviews with Stephen Jones, Shauna MacDonald and Karl O’Rowe. Christmas ghost stories, Stan Lee tribute, FEAR Magazine at 30, Journey to the Unknown, Batman – Arkham Asylum, The Fog, reviews, dark poetry and much, much more!




Let’s talk about Death. After all, it’s the one thing we all have in common. Eventually. Let’s explore it, cry about it, tremble at it, laugh at it. Then let’s write stories about Death…

Twenty authors have done exactly that, giving you twenty-eight tales about the one subject no-one wants to talk about, but everyone knows will one day come to them. Often wry, sometimes creepy, always surprising, the stories in this book were drawn through the massive pool of talent connected with Portsmouth Writers’ Hub, and boasts internationally-published authors as well as talented newcomers to the printed page. The authors of the Day of the Dead invite you to join their celebration of all things mortal. Enjoy…


Pompey writes features the very best content from Star & Crescent, Portsmouth’s only independent, non-commercial news, culture and commentary website, plus brand new material never before published. Since 2015, S&C has earned accolades for its investigations into local culture, media, ecology, housing, healthcare, education and gender issues. It has also been a platform for the most talented Portsmouth-based poets, fiction writers, memoirists, satirists and visual artists.

S&C has always been a mouthpiece for voices that are not otherwise heard in the mainstream media. Pompey Writes is no exception and boasts work by representatives of overlooked and marginalised groups, including migrants, the homeless, members of ethnic minorities and working-class women. Edited by Tom Sykes and Sarah Cheverton


Join 18 masters of the macabre, the strange, and the bizarre as they journey into a dark and richly reimagined Portsmouth that you will never forget. Here you can meet a man who finds himself transforming into the Tricorn Centre. Discover the mysterious pulse that beats beneath the pavement of this living city that craves blood and sacrifice. Witness damnation in a hellish vision of Victorian Portsmouth, and learn just how difficult it can be getting two severed heads through customs at the port. Like the waves that lap the fringes of this waterfront city, past and present flow back and forth in these tales of haunting and horror, dragging ghosts and their tragedies in their wake.


Octomorphosis is a 72 page paperback book featuring my paintings and a collection of short stories by the talented writers of the Portsmouth Writers’ Hub. Strangeness, charm, silliness and menace all combine to make a varied collection of wonderful madness that will grace any bookshelf and provide food for thought long after reading.