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A selection of recent tabletop RPG books which Alison Cybe has developed, written or contributed to, all of which are available now. Have a look and enjoy!

Cages of Light & Lenses
A Call of Cthulhu Horror Adventure of Lost Film Media

Employed by a wealthy collector of rare pieces of cinema, a group of investigators travel from New York across the globe in order to track down the only surviving copy of a previously lost film – a cinematic recording of “The King In Yellow”…

They are not alone in seeking this elusive recording. 

Cages of Light & Lenses is a Call of Cthulhu adventure by award-nominated horror author Alison Cybe written for 7th Edition, suitable for between 4 and 6 players and averages at four hours of play-time. It contains ready-made characters and full hand-outs, making it perfect for an evening of horror.

Sovereigns of the Blue Rose

Aldis, the Kingdom of the Blue Rose, has been defined and uplifted over its history by the lives and actions of its Sovereigns. Each chosen by the Golden Hart, these Sovereigns have been vital in the shaping of the lands and culture of the Aldin people, and their stories are the stories of kingdom as a whole. Some were bright shining paragons, cultural heroes for the kingdom; others were troubled, given to madness or corruption, examples that Aldinfolk still use to teach about limits and weaknesses.

Sovereigns of the Blue Rose features fourteen short stories: one for each of Aldis’s Sovereigns, from its founding by Queen Seltha the Rhy-Friend to the current ruler, Queen Jaellin. These are the tales of their beginnings and their ends, of their triumphs and their defeats, of their loves and their hates. Join us as we explore Blue Rose history through the eyes of the people who ruled the Kingdom of Aldis. Authors for this engaging anthology include Natania Barron, Elaine Cunningham, Alison Cybe, Clio Yun-su Davis, Erin M. Evans, Steve Kenson, Ezzy Languzzi, Rhiannon Louve, Michael Matheson, Brandon O’Brien, Wen Reischl, Lindsay Smith, Na’amen Tilahun, and Tiffany Trent.

The below adventures are due for release in 2020 and beyond…

Book of Legends (coming soon)
A fiction anthology for the Ironclaw game line, from Sanguine Games.

Nine Shots – A Starfinder Story (coming soon)
A short fiction story for the Starfinder game line, included in issue #20 of the Wayfinder magazine.

RuneQuest (coming soon)
“Gang War” – an adventure for the RuneQuest game line, from Chaosium.

Call of Cthulhu (coming soon)
“Sarasparilla Eggs”, a horror adventure for the Call of Cthulhu game line, from Chaosium.

Stargate (coming soon)
“TBA 1” – a living campaign adventure for the game line, from Wyvern Games.

Call of Cthulhu (coming soon)
“The Missing Floor”, a horror adventure for the Call of Cthulhu game line, from Chaosium.

Stargate (coming soon)
“TBA 2” – a living campaign adventure for the game line, from Wyvern Games.

Cthulhu by Gaslight (coming soon)
An adventures for the Cthulhu by Gaslight game line, from Stygian Fox.

Urban Jungle (coming soon)
An adventures for the Urban Jungle game line, from Sanguine Games.

Dishonoured (coming soon)
A stealth-filled assassination adventure for the game line, from Modiphius.

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