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  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Fourteen

    Sue: Hey Ferb! I just wanted to thank you for delivering my new truck to me! Wolf: Wow, there’s a lot of vehicles and buildings in the Christmas season this […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Thirteen

    Ferb: Okay, so my gift is to go to a mister “Sue Pearman”, is that you? Sue Pearman: Haha, yes it is, citizen. Thank you for your service. Ferb: Okay. […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Twelve

    Janeane Garofalo: Hey, excuse me? Elsa: Huh? Janeane Garofalo: Yeah, I want to complain about this gift. Elsa: What? Janeane Garofalo: I got that giant box home, and all it […]

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day Eleven

    Elsa: Urgh, my back… I think lifting that damn parcel sprained something… Ferb: Hey Elsa. Have you delivered your parcel? Elsa: I… Ferb, what is that? Ferb: That’s my parcel-carrying […]