Lusty vampires, cock-hungry werewolves and all of the bad puns and really awful jokes that you could possibly hope for! Oh my!

A new line of comical erotic romps featuring the classic and not-so-classic monsters of book, stage and screen, co-written by Alison and Justin.

  • “Shockingly horrific, wildly sexy and knee-slappingly funny!” – Stephen King (not that one, just a guy I met in the pub with the same name) 
  • “Wait, who are you? A quote for what? A book? How did you get in here? Get out of my house!” – Mrs Louise Benbridge of East London 
  • “This disgusting story takes my classic tale and turns it into nothing more than awful lewd sexual filth!” – Bram Stoker 
  • “You want me to write something for the back of your book? Sure, let me have a read at it… oh my word! No! This is just non-stop gay smut!” – J. K. Rowling
  • “This book touched me in bad places, and I liked it. In fact, you could say that it made me gasp with antici…… pation.” – Dr. Frank. N. Furter
  • “This is just porn! Eww! Look, I wrote Frankenstein, and I can assure you, the classic monster does not have a twelve inch schlong!” – Mary Shelley

Tales of Monsterotica book 1 – The Castle of Count Shagula

High in the Transylvanian mountains looms Castle Shagula, the home of an infamous vampiric count with a thirst for the life fluid of young men. And Jonathan Woodcock is on his way there!

Stay beside Jonathan as he explores the terrors of Castle Shagula and experiences the horrors that go bang in the night. Can he can survive Count Shagula’s seductive attempts to get after his own different sort of life fluid? Witness as Jonathan works to uncover the mysteries at the heart of THE CASTLE OF COUNT SHAGULA. (It isn’t mysterious at all, really. It’s sex. Lots and lots of sex.)

Tales of Monsterotica book 2 – The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein

When young Jonathan Woodcock escaped the evil Count Shagula, he hoped that his days of sexual bondage would be over. Not so fast, Mister Woodcock! Meet Doctor Wankenstein, the greatest scientist of the age!

In this tale of warped sexual desires, twisted comedy, and frantic naughtiness, poor Jonathan experiences the sinister experiments of the doctor. Witness his ultimate plans for Jonathan, and discover just what gets the muscle-bound hunk of a monster up in the morning, in THE MADNESS OF DOCTOR WANKENSTEIN. (Hint, it’s a really big wang. Huge, really huge!)

Tales of Monsterotica book 3 – The Curse of the Mummy’s Wang

Deep in the Egyptian sands lurks the lost pyramid of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, known throughout history for his bountiful lusts but lost to the mists of time. Or is it? Because who else would unearth the tomb but Jonathan Woodcock, infamous up-and-coming monster shagger!

Witness Jonathan’s rump-pounding adventures as he delves deep into the darkest places, wrestles with the tight restrictive bindings of the mummy, and comes face-to-crotch with the preternatural charms of an ancestral deity of carnal knowledge. Will Jonathan ever be able to overcome THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY’S WANG? (No, he won’t, he’ll end up having a lot of sex with it!)

Tales of Monsterotica book 4 – Bite of the Queerwolf

He’s shagged vampires and other monsters in his sexual escapades across the darkest parts of Europe and beyond, but now it’s time for young Jonathan Woodcock to really take a walk on the wild side! Beneath the moonlit night, ravenous werewolves lurk in the forest surrounding Budapest, ready to make our reluctant hero play fetch!

Fur and fangs (and leather collars) will fly in Jonathan Woodcock’s kinkiest adventure to date! Will our young hero be able to stand up to the big daddy of all werewolves, who wants to do nothing more than make Jonathan strip and submit? Will Jonathan succumb to the BITE OF THE QUEERWOLF? (No, he’s our hero! But he’ll definitely leave with a few teeth-marks!)

Tales of Monsterotica book 5 – The Drag Queen of the Opera

Lights! Stage! Action! Upon arriving in Paris, Jonathan Woodcock was hoping for a chance to relax from his arduous travels across Europe and put his numerous sexual experiences with the forces of darkness behind him. But he soon learns that the local opera house is under siege by a villainous and musical ghost, a spectral haunter with plans to steal the limelight all for itself—and it has its eyes set on poor Mr Woodcock!

It seems that Jonathan’s days as an experienced monster-shagger are to be tested once more—but will he be able to evade the lure of the stage and don his sheer silk panties (yes, you read that right, and he looks so good in them!) for the right cause? Or will he be enthralled by the Phantom like so many others before him?

Tales of Monsterotica book 6 – The Revenge of Count Shagula

Jonathan Woodcock has finally returned home! Having escaped from the distant castle of Count Shagula and the vampire’s very naughty sex dungeon, Jonathan is happy to get back to his cozy hamlet in England and perhaps, finally, have a decent cup of tea.

But all is not well back home! Some sinister figure is skulking around the countryside, bothering young men and nibbling on their naughty bits! And this time it isn’t your humble writer – honest! No, it seems that the cock-hungry Count has followed our brave hero home like an eager puppy. Will our submissive Jonathan finally put his foot down and drive his wooden shaft up the Count’s dark places once and for all?

Tales of Monsterotica – Anthology Collection book 1

Jonathan Woodcock tours the erotic world of monsters: the kinky Count Shagula who lusts after his fluids, the sinister Doctor Wankenstein and his romp-pounding hunk, and the charming mummy whose restrictive bindings pull him face-to-crotch. When the budding and sexually-repressed young accountant Jonathan Woodcock was sent to the distant lands of Transylvania, he expected only a dull and uneventful trip. Instead, he began a series of erotic adventures that would see him go up against the greatest monsters of history!

Travel with Jonathan as he explores the kinky terrors of Castle Shagula and experiences the vampiric Count who lusts after a different sort of life fluid! Watch as poor Jonathan experiences the sinister experiments of the crazed Doctor Wankenstein and the rump-pounding terror of the scientist’s home-built hunk! Shriek in fear as young Mr Woodcock comes face-to-crotch with the tight restrictive bindings of the mummy, and the preternatural charms of an ancestral deity of carnal knowledge!

Tales of Monsterotica – Anthology Collection book 2

It’s time for another round! Three more lustful beings of the night are ready to get balls-deep into our poor protagonist! Hot leather-daddy werewolves, seductive lingerie-loving musical ghosts and lustful vampires? Nothing can prepare Jonathan Woodcock for this new trinity of titillating terror! Oh my! Aren’t you glad that the second volume of the Monsterotica collection is coming – hard?! This frightening collection of gay erotic comedies includes “Bite of the Queerwolf,” “The Drag-Queen of the Opera” and “Revenge of Count Shagula,” all in one volume.

See Jonathan Woodcock, now a veteran monster-shagger, as he attempts to finish his final sprint home to England, with the lustful creatures of the night clawing at his heels every step of the way! Will they get their hands on him? It’s not their hands that Jonathan has to worry about, however! Thankfully this time, our illustrious hero has friends who are quite willing to have his back – watch out as it’s now time for a free-for-all orgy of sex, monsters and side-aching comedy!

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