Lego Advent Calendar – Day Zero

It was the last day of November…

Ferb: Wow Elsa, it’s great that we can be together at this special time of year.

Elsa: I mean like, I guess so? We’re in the middle of the largest pandemic of the century, Ferb! This is hardly the time for your naive whimsical Christmas jovility.

Wolf: I’ve baked enough good dinners to last all through the month!

Ferb: C’mon Elsa, we have each other – what could be more important? We’re in our social bubble together!

Elsa: Well, as long as we’re isolating together, I guess we could eat…

Wolf: You damn well better. Do you know how hard it is to cook a turkey with canine paws? 

Ferb: Can’t you just use your magical powers? I mean, you are a powerful warlock and all…

Wolf: Shut up, alien from outer space.

Elsa: Hey, calm down.

Wolf: Sorry. I’ve been a bit stressed lately. My magic’s on the fritz. Blame the pandemic.

Ferb: Well, this Christmas we will get through it all – together.

Elsa: And it won’t end in a massacre, like the last two years.

Ferb: Promise?

Meanwhile, in the heart of the city…

Darth Santa: Those awful, awful people have pushed me about as far as I can take it, gosh darn it!

Cultist: Santa! Your language!

Darth Santa: Oh I’m sorry, my loyal minion, but those two naughty children Ferb and Elsa just make so mad! They’ve murdered me twice, and that’s really not in the festive spirit!

Robot: Recommend terminal prejudice.

Darth Santa: Well, ho ho  ho,  I certainly have a plan to take care of them this year. They’ll get more than coal in their stockings now!

Cultist: Yes! This will be their last christmas!

Darth Santa: Yes, I… wait, that doesn’t sound very jolly, cultist.

Cultist: Ulp, sorry sir.

Darth Santa: You make it sound as if we’re planning to do something violent there!

Cultist: Oh definitely not, sir!  

Darth Santa: That wouldn’t be very jolly if we did that, would it?

Cultist: No sir!

Darth Santa: No. Remember, we’re the good guys here. Okay team, time to save Christmas!

Robot: Murder programs initiated.

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