Lego Advent Calendar – Day Twenty-four

Ferb: I… I’m alive?…

Darth Santa: Yes, Ferb. My minion has brought you to me – intact, as ordered.

Ferb: B..but why…

Darth Santa: Because… *reaches up and removes helmet* Santa wanted to speak to you in person, Ferb.

Ferb: You can’t fool me – I know what you are. You’re evil – evil!!

Darth Santa: Am I, Ferb? Am I really?

Ferb: I mean, your monster ate Superman. You’re definitely evil.

Darth Santa: Well, we can discuss it Ferb. We have all the time in the world to talk it over. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel different soon.

Ferb: What do you want? To kill me personally?

Darth Santa: I don’t want to kill you, Ferb, oh no – no, I want you to join me!

Ferb: What?

Darth Santa: I mean, I’ve been wearing a Darth Vader mask all year, did you really think I wasn’t going to offer you to join me? What do you think?

Ferb: You’re mad! No way! You can’t seduce me to the dark side!

Darth Santa: Really? I have a whole year until next Christmas, Ferb. Until then, you’ll remain here with me – all year, until my mind-control powers have brought you under my sway!

Ferb: No!!

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