Lego Advent Calendar – Day Nine

James Lipton: Okay, listen up team, I have a very important mission for you!

Ferb: Hang on, since when were you the leader?

James Lipton: Since you wanted to use my helicopter. I have two very special presents to deliver to two very good friends of mine. If you can deliver them, you can take the helicopter.

Elsa: Jesus! These are huge!

Ferb: This one’s the same size that I am!

James Lipton: Yeah, the scale on the gifts this year is a bit strange.

Ferb: It feels like it’s full of bricks!

Elsa: Are you sure you’re not just giving us two giant boxes full of bricks to deliver?

James Lipton: Look, you either deliver the parcels, or you bring me ten wolf pelts.

Wolf: I object to that.

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