Lego Advent Calendar – Day Fourteen

Sue: Hey Ferb! I just wanted to thank you for delivering my new truck to me!

Wolf: Wow, there’s a lot of vehicles and buildings in the Christmas season this year…

Ferb: There sure are. Hey, no problem at all Sue Pearman. Hey, how long do I need to keep your identity secret for?

Sue: Oh, forever.

Ferb: You got it! I mean, it seems a bit weird, given that you’re literally running around wearing a cape and with a giant ‘S’ on your costume. Kinda easy to guess who you really are.

Sue: Oh, this isn’t an ‘S’. You see, on my home world, this symbol stands for ‘don’t snitch on other people’s secret identities’, capiche?

Ferb: Sure, sure. Look, if we ever need your help or anything… y’know, in return for delivering that truck…

Sue: Then simply shine my signal light into the sky, and I shall be there.

Wolf: Wait, isn’t it Batman that has the signal light?

Sue: No. Batman’s a dick.

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