Lego Advent Calendar – Day Fifteen

Darth Santa: Cultist! Where have you been?

Cultist: I’m sorry, the traffic was a nightmare. Some mad person in a Superman suit got into a crash – can you believe it?

Darth Santa: We don’t have time for this! The ritual is well underway and we only have a few days to finish it!

Cultist: Of course sir, of course. Erm, how does this ritual work exactly?

Darth Santa: Well, do you remember when Ferb murdered me in 2018?

Cultist: Not really.

Darth Santa: Well, he did. Anyway, in 2019 my restless spirit tried to take possession of his body in order to be reincarnated.

Cultist: Okay….

Darth Santa: Which made me a very angry Santa. So after my reincarnation,I decided to enact this ritual to teach Ferb and Elsa a lesson. The first step was acquiring one of their Christmas goblets – this one here.

Cultist: How does that help?

Darth Santa: Well, I extracted their DNA from the saliva on the goblet. And with that, I’m going to summon a creature – a creature perfectly befitting of Ferb’s worst nightmares!!

Cultist: Wait wait. So you’re going to reach into a hell dimension and extract whichever inner demon is most inclined to your victim, based solely on the saliva that victim left on their cup?

Darth Santa: I mean, I was just thinking of leaving them a lump of coal. Do… do you think this is too much?

Cultist: No, no. Definitely go for the demons.

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