Lego Advent Calendar – Day Eleven

Elsa: Urgh, my back… I think lifting that damn parcel sprained something…

Ferb: Hey Elsa. Have you delivered your parcel?

Elsa: I… Ferb, what is that?

Ferb: That’s my parcel-carrying trolley. You don’t expect me to injure myself carrying these giant parcels around by myself, do you?

Elsa: I… no, of course not. That would be silly.

Ferb: Exactly. Where’s your parcel trolley?

Elsa: I, uh, threw it away. I’d already delivered the parcel.

Ferb: Wow, you’re the best.

Elsa: Thanks.

Ferb: Well, I’m off to deliver this one now. Need anything while I’m out.

Elsa: Yeah, can you grab anything for sprained muscles?

Ferb: Sure, I’ll get you some deep heat balm.

Elsa: Thanks. You bastard.

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