Lego Advent Calendar – Day Eight

Batman: My parents are dead!!

Darth Santa: Yes, yes, you’ve told me.

Batman: I am vengeance! I am the night!!

Darth Santa: Yes, you’ve told me multiple times. Do you think you could be silence for a while?

Batman: Raaaage incarnate!! I am the fury of the dark!

Snowman: Sir, this new friend of yours really doesn’t get the christmas spirit.

Darth Santa: I had noticed, my faceless minion. Baman, could you please, like, dial it down a little?

Batman: I am perpetually dialled up to eleven!! Anger and fury!! Dead parents!! Death metal!!

Darth Santa: Sigh. Look, I’m trying to enact a very delicate mystical ritual here in order to bring goodwill, light and hope back to the holiday season. Please let me concentrate.

Batman: Don’t tell me what t-


Darth Santa: Okay, finally, some peace and quiet. Now, where were we….

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