Games Master

“Playing and running tabletop RPGs is one of the best things in life, and one that I attempt to do as often as possible. The sheer unrestrained imagination and thrill of adventure is unlike anything else in the world!”

I love running tabletop RPGs and introducing as many people as possible to the hobby. It is, after all, an industry in which I work and a source of great joy. If you are local to my home city, you can join the largest tabletop RPG group in the city, which I am honoured to be co-manager of, and you can be assured of a wonderful gaming experience!

But fear not if you are unable to make it to the club. I’m at conventions only irregularly, but if you see me on the list then feel free to sign up. Alternatively if you’re local to me (South coast of England), I’m happy to do so in person. Generally I prefer this to running games online, but I am willing to if requested!

Arranging this is simple – just send me a message including your location and choice of games and I’ll make arrangements!

Games that I run:

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