What is Cybe’s Website?
Cybe’s Website is, unsurprisingly, the website of Alison Cybe. Here I covers gaming related media, primarily focused on board game and tabletop RPG games, but also including card games, game-books, video games and other gaming related media. I specialize in reviews, analysis and play-throughs.

What are the core tenets of the site?
I strive to provide personal and accurate reflections of my opinions on the gaming products that I review. Each of my reviews concludes with a percentage rating, which functions to score each product overall. This percentage is reached by the sum of five elements that I believe make up the most important aspects of a game. Each of these elements is rated from a score of zero to twenty, and are as follows:
– Concept (the game’s core concept and how innovative and comprehensive an expression of the idea the game is)
– Writing (covering both backstory to the game and how well the game’s operation is expressed to the players)
– Mechanics (the system by which the game operates)
– Design (The quality of the game’s artwork, a book’s layout, and tactile components of a board game)
– Playability (How involving the game is, how accessible and inclusive it is for players and how much fun it is to take part in)

Who runs the site?
Cybe’s Website is composed of a small team of gamers and is helmed by Alison Cybe. You can read more about her here.

Are you affiliated with…?
This site is a fully independent gaming site with no official affiliations to any organization.

Are you a writer? Will you write for me?
I am – a small selection of my work is available on this website, and I am generally available for freelance work. Please contact me to arrange such.

What kinds of games do you cover?
I cover primarily board and role-playing games but will also cover games of any other nature, including video games, live-action role-playing, party games, miniature skirmish games and so on, should the opportunity present itself. We believe that all forms of gaming are valid.

How can I support Cybe’s Website?
I have established a Patreon account that people may donate to. Doing so allows users to support the site in many ways at a number of tears. There are rewards for those that do including the ability to vote on and nominate future products for review, advanced access to upcoming reviews and more. 100% of the money raised via the Patreon process is used directly to support the growth of the website.

Can I advertise on your site?
Yes, definitely. Please contact me to arrange to do so. As all of the money raised by the site goes directly back into the site, advertising on Cybe’s Website is an affordable option for many.
If you do not have a banner advert that you would like to display but would still like to have a link to your website listed on Cybe’s Website, one of our Patreon tiers allows backers to have their choice of website listed on our ‘links’ page.

Are you accepting submissions for new writers?
At this time I are open for new writers, particularly those who are interested in covering miniature war gaming and video games. Guest authors will be credited on the article that they wish to submit along with a link to their choice of website. Please contact me if you are interested.

Will you write a review article for my game/product?
Yes, we are very happy to review products. Please contact me if you are interested in having your game or product featured on this site. A review copy may be requested if the game is not already in my library.