• Roll Player

    Design your own hero! Build your stats. Choose a class, race, alignment, weapons and armour, skills and traits. Make the best hero and emerge victorious! Please follow and like us:147

  • Little Fears – Nightmare Edition

    The monster under the bed is real, the old house down the road is haunted and werewolves lurk in the swamp – how can little kids save the day? Please follow […]

  • The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

    The Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone were blockbuster hits of the era. Travel to Firetop Mountain, beat up a wizard and steal his money! Please follow and […]

  • Tokaido

    A peaceful stroll across the coastal road that seperates Kyoto and Edo offers beautiful vistas, relaxing hot springs and fine eateries. It also offers plenty of schemes and backstabbing to win! […]

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